The Family International Monitor launch a month dedicated to poverty 

Yesterday, Thursday October 17th, was celebrated by the United Nations the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2019 on the theme “Acting together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty”

Therefore, starting from today until November 17th - Third World Day of the Poor called by Pope Francis on the theme "The hope of the poor shall not perish for ever" - the FIM will dedicate a full month to poverty, sharing news, updates and insights on the relationship between family and poverty, which is the theme of the first three years of works of the Family International Monitor.

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The research is the study of the current situation of the families of the world and of the dynamics that involve the life of the family in the different social, cultural and economic contexts.


The research is realised by 15 institutions that are located in different parts of the world, with a focus on Family and Poverty during the first three-year period. 

It carries out the monitoring and the constant dissemination of updates, news, topics, in depth-analysis regarding the life of the families.


It expresses a point of view that wants to give value to the resources that the family provides to the persons that compose it and to society as a whole.



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