Presentation of the report "Family and relational poverty"

June 23 2020

The work of collecting data on family and relational poverty, the first part of a three-year research project (2019-2021) on family and poverty promoted by the Family International Monitor, has just been completed, thanks to the collaboration of an international network of universities and research centres. The first results of the survey have been previewed in a live streaming on 23rd June 2020.


The information collected in this first phase of the survey concerns the relational aspect of poverty and its implications within the family reality, within an interpretative model that considers poverty as a multidimensional phenomenon, which cannot be exhausted in a single aspect. In this composite reality, the relational dimension is crucial to understand how a fragile family can respond to the challenges of the globalized economy and to the type of interventions that governments are able to put in place.

The event was attended by Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Family International Monitor; José Luis Mendoza Pérez, Executive Vice President of the Family International Monitor; Monsignor Pierangelo Sequeri, Academic Vice President of the Family International Monitor; Francesco Belletti, Head of Research of the Family International Monitor.

To enrich the presentation event, some of our research partners have prepared videos in which they make an overview of the information collected during the survey in their countries of origin.

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