Caritas Pakistan hands out aid to the most vulnerable following heavy rains

Aggiornamento: 17 set 2020

Cardinal Coutts gives hope to the poor. As part of the EA-20/2020 emergency project, Caritas Pakistan Karachi handed out ten shelter tents and plastic sheets to the families most affected by monsoon rain and urban flooding.

Caritas Pakistan Karachi this week responded to the emergency caused by heavy rains and flooding by handing out food and other parcels to the most vulnerable families in the parishes of St Jude's, St Philip's and St Thomas in the Archdiocese of Karachi.

The food parcels were donated by the Nobel Foundation through the Robin Hood Army Pakistan network at the request of Caritas Karachi for the communities most affected by recent heavy rains and floods in Karachi, the sixth spell of monsoon rains this season.

On another occasion, Caritas Pakistan Karachi as part of the emergency EA-20/2020 project also distributed 10 tents and plastic sheeting to families most affected by monsoon rain and urban flooding in Karachi in Shahbaz Goth and Ali Muhammad Goth, Malir District, Karachi. The homes of the affected families have been completely destroyed and live in the open air in very poor conditions with their children.

Mr. Sabir Masih, one of the members of an affected family, with tears in his eyes, thanked Caritas for providing shelter, tents and plastic sheeting and for arranging a safe and protected place for them. He said that living in this miserable condition is very bad, but the fact that Caritas has given us a hand has made us all return to hope. During this time we were forced to live in the open air with the desire to eat, but now we have enough help to survive with our families.

Cardinal Joseph Coutts, Archbishop of Karachi visited the affected areas and also distributed food parcels among the people affected by the rains. Cardinal Coutts during the meeting with the affected people in the parish of St. Jude 'a Karachi gave strength to the people saying: "Do not be afraid in this difficult time, be brave. Praising the team of Caritas Pakistan Karachi, he also said that "it is really good news and consolatory the work you are doing for the people".

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