The New Deal for the European Families

COFACE presents 10 points for a new well-being of European Families

While Europe gets ready to start over after the vote, and while the new European programmes that will later become the EU lines of funding for the next years are being defined, COFACE – a network of European family association presents its documents for family policies: A New Deal for Families of Today. The document begins by quoting Esping-Andersen and his tripartite division of the actors of welfare in state, market and families and it identifies 10 medium-term challenges that the European families must face by asking to the European Union to address these challenges by developing multi-sector policies able to support the families.

These are the 10 requests made by COFACE:

1. A Europe recognising all family forms without discrimination.

2. A Europe which believes in equal opportunities for all families, with a special focus on equality between women and man, as a cornerstone for achieving reconciliation between family and professional life.

3. A Europe which invests in child well-being, shaping a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children.

4. A Europe which promotes the participation of all families and children, with a special focus on persons with disabilities and their families to all areas of life.

5. A Europe which empowers all families and gives them a voice to act as citizens, consumers, and workers, with strong support for European and national civil society organisations.

6. A Europe which harnesses the transformative power of technology and promotes and internet for all.

7. A Europe which tackles poverty and social exclusion of families and their members, through access to resources and community-based services.

8. A Europe which promotes intergenerational solidarity, with full support and recognition of the role of family carers.

9. A Europe which respects human rights and advances the rights of all families and their members.

10. A Europe which makes the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

The document